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Leasing Commercial Real Estate in 60 Seconds


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September 3, 2021


David Skinner

Here is everything you need to know about the essentials of leasing commercial real estate in 60 seconds or less.

1. Figure out what you need and what you want. Be honest about what you absolutely need versus what you would ideally like to have.

2.Find the right agent. Real estate agents specialize in geography, property types, and landlord or tenant representation. Decide what you need and find the right agent.

3. Do the deal, here’s how:

  • Survey the available properties
  • Walk through them
  • Negotiate a term sheet
  • Negotiate the lease
  • Pick up the keys when the lease is signed and the deposits and rent are all turned in.

I’m David Skinner, and this is the CRE Coach, where together you and I are lifting the hood on Commercial Real Estate.