About CRE Coach

We started The CRE Coach because nobody is creating content with the goal of taking the mystery out of the commercial real estate industry. We “lift the hood” on commercial real estate by explaining different aspects of the business and why it is not as difficult as it might seem.

Everything we create is guided by four principles.

1) Make It Easy

Watching a video, downloading a pdf, or asking us a question will always be easy. We want to take the brain work out of everything we do so that you can focus on growing your business.

2) Make it clear.

Billions of dollars are wasted because the people with information make it hard to understand.

3) Keep it transparent.

We started The CRE Coach because of the lack of transparency in real estate industry. The world needs more people whose word is their bond and whose handshake is as strong as their signature.

4) Stay informative.

We don’t make content for the sake of having content. We refine, refine, refine our content so that everything we produce is a new idea brought to the table with insights that will help you immediately.

About David Skinner

All of the resources available here have been created by the team at The CRE Coach, which is headed by David Skinner, a commercial real estate broker with The Stubblebine Company, based in Boston, Massachusetts.

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